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Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

With over 500 million members in over 200 countries and 128 million of those just in the US alone, standing out on LinkedIn has become more and more difficult. Complete profiles with professional headshots, quality recommendations, and well-written lists of accolades, accomplishments, and previous work experience is where you should start when looking for areas to improve your profile. However, if you feel confident that this information is at its best, there are still ways to boost your profile and make it more visible to potential employers.

Consistent Updates
If you’re happy with how your profile looks and how the content reads, force yourself to update certain things regularly. Circulating through professional headshots is a great start. LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more views, and 36 times more likely to receive a message. Keep that in mind as you rotate photos periodically. Additionally, another great option to update on a semi-regular basis is your headline. Make sure it’s an accurate reflection of your job potential and/or current position.

Utilize Plugins
Plugins are a great way to incorporate LinkedIn functionality into websites. If you have a personal website, it’s highly encouraged to drop in the functionality there. That gives potential employers another great indication as to how thorough you are and gives them another way to find you. You can use this feature to help boost your own profile visibility or your company’s visibility.

Get Specific
As SEO continues to be an important factor in online job searches, keep that in mind for your LinkedIn Profile as well. Use strategic and specific words throughout your profile that could be included in your previous and/or current job responsibilities and in job titles. Add as much color to work experience as you can and get specific so that you stand out among the crowds. Elaborate on experiences and give examples as that can help potential future employers imagine how you would work in a role they are looking to fill.

Customize Your URL
If you haven’t already, consider customizing your LinkedIn URL. The auto generated URL is long and impossible to remember. Adjust your URL to reflect an easy to remember, professional option. It’s an extremely simple process that just takes a few steps. Once it’s updated, make sure you update any other place where your LinkedIn profile URL might be placed.

Maintaining your LinkedIn profile and making sure that the content doesn’t become stale is important to remember as you continue to optimize your page. After following best and basic LinkedIn profile improvement practices, attempt some of these suggestions, and you’ll start to notice improvements.