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Want a raise? Here is when to ask.

Asking for a raise can be a nerve-wracking experience. In order to make the process less anxiety producing, you’ll want to approach the topic at the optimal time. You don’t want to ask for the raise before you have earned it, yet you also don’t want to miss the perfect window of opportunity and be viewed as complacent and unambitious. Here are some of the optimal times to request a raise.

During your performance review:

If you receive a stellar performance review, that is one of the best times to further sell your skills and ask for a raise. If your manager is performing a number of reviews and doesn’t have the time to discuss it during your meeting, set up a separate time to speak with your manager one-on-one after the reviews have been completed and approach the topic then.

When you learn a new skill:

Learning a new skill set is not only great for your resume but is also great for your employer. It shows that you are eager to continue furthering your professional growth and investing in your future. If your new degree or certification will benefit your job directly, you have more to offer your company and are more valuable. Sell your new skill set to your manager and speak to the fact that it will help your job or possibly open the door to other roles within the organization.

If you receive a promotion:

There really isn’t a better time to ask for a raise then when you receive a promotion. If you’re receiving a promotion that means that the company believes in you and your abilities. Most people assume that promotions come with a raise, but that isn’t always the case, and if you are receiving a raise, it may not be the salary increase you were hoping for. Now is the time to negotiate a better salary.

Overall the above scenarios are the optimal time to talk to your manager about a raise. You will want to make sure to approach the topic at a time when your company is doing well and isn’t on a strict budget. You will also want to make sure that you have your main points practiced ahead of time so you can ask for that raise with confidence and poise.