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Using Your Experience to Your Advantage

Doesn’t my experience count for anything? Many mature job seekers often ask themselves this question. Let’s face it, more mature job seekers are unemployed and remain unemployed for longer periods of time than their younger counterparts.

Don’t be discouraged. There are employment opportunities for job candidates with years’ of experience. Companies and hiring managers need your knowledge, insight, and dedication.

Maybe it’s time to update your approach:

  • Use Social Media. Update or create your LinkedIn profile and let people know you are available for new opportunities. LinkedIn is probably the most widely used professional networking platform today. Maintaining your profile is an important part of job hunting and connecting with other professionals. Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date; make sure your shared updates are current and relevant to your industry. Always add a professional looking photo. Thousands of businesses, corporate recruiters, and hiring managers are looking at LinkedIn profiles every day. This is a great way to market yourself.

  • Use and Expand Your Network. You’ve been building your personal and business network for years. Over time you have probably helped many friends and colleagues during their professional journey – they would be happy to return the favor. Reach out. As you speak to those in your industry, ask for referrals. If your employment application is marked as a referral your chances of securing an interview are greatly increased.

  • Customize Your Resume. No need to disguise your work history; keep dates on resume - but consider removing experience over ten to fifteen years old. Often work older than fifteen years has changed so much that employers will see that as too dated. Highlight your accomplishments. Over the years you will have many highlights. Choose those related to the industry or job for which you are applying and key in on how you can help the company if hired. Recent success stories make candidates appear current.

  • Promote Your Experience. Your experience is an asset; promote it as such. Although, your qualifications may be beyond the scope of the potential job, key in to how your experience fits the bill! Showcase how past positions add value to this role.

  • Know And Expand Your Computer Knowledge. Keep up with trends in your industry. Follow blogs, join relevant groups on LinkedIn, and be sure you are up-to-date on current computer software and programs. Take an online course so you are at least familiar with the newest computer programs. If you’re not already active in social media, develop a digital footprint.

  • Talk With A Recruiter. Recruiters have access to roles that are never even published. Working with a reputable recruiter is often the best way to land senior-level roles in any industry.

Keep that positive attitude and remember that you bring so many benefits to the table. Do a little extra research on a company before you interview so you have added ideas of how your work history fits into their company goals and culture. Good luck!