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Tips on Keeping Track of Your Schedule When Traveling for Work

Work travel can have its perks – In person business meetings, visiting new places and frequent flier miles to name a few. However, after the initial excitement about the benefits and excitement of traveling wears off many are met with the reality of the wear and tear. There can be a sense of being overwhelmed and an inability to juggle everything, especially for those who travel extensively. There are many tips and tricks on how to travel efficiently and stay on top of your game, but one important aspect to maintain while on the road is your schedule – Often harder said than done! Here are 3 ways to keep up your normalcy while away:

Travel Itinerary
Creating a travel schedule will help in more ways than one. From keeping up with your flight times, to meeting reminders and hotel itineraries, it is great to have everything in one place for easy viewing. You could use your work or phone calendar to input all of this information or utilize apps like TripIt, which compiles all of your emails and creates an itinerary for you. Regardless of what program you choose, having a master schedule will keep you organized and, hopefully, eliminate you double booking during key times or important things falling thru the cracks.

Travel Time
One common mistake most travelers make is not accounting for their travel time and giving realistic buffers for your time while in route. Always give yourself ample time for traveling to the airport, dealing with TSA security and traveling to your destination upon landing in the event there are delays. Delays are inevitable if you travel enough! If you have a business meeting or presentation, document it on your calendar 15-30 min earlier than scheduled to ensure a buffer is in place and that you are not racing in to a meeting. Showing up slightly early and feeling you’ve won the schedule battle will absolutely help in your presentation. Running in last second or late typically means a presentation feels rushed, unorganized and disjointed. This is even more important when changing time zones – Make sure your watch is adjusted and cross-reference with your digital calendar.

Think Ahead
When your calendar has content overload, it is easy to look over essential dates. One method to adopt to avoid this in the future is to color code important days, so they easily stay on your radar – Reviewing your calendar holistically for the entire time you will be away will help keep these key dates top of mind, as well as identify any missing information that could be crucial to your travel.

Upholding a familiar routine while constantly traveling is challenging and pieces often go missing. Review these tactics and try implementing them the next time you travel for work. Also remember to keep your team in the loop regarding your travel. It shows a commitment to strong corporate communication and sets an expectation with your staff. I have to say this is one area I have struggled in and ultimately needed to put some checks and balances in place to ensure proper communication took place.