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The Trend to Consider Hiring Potential Over Experience

While the historical theme over the past few decades has been to hire the candidate with significantly more experience, statics are now showing that companies are taking far more interest in potential talent. We are entering into an era where evaluation of the prospective upside of a candidate rather than their current competency or experience is being heavily weighted in to the equation. Yes, the hiring process and onboarding for these candidates is lengthier, but the benefits that both the company and new hire can reap in the long run are in many cases proving to be worth the wait. Potential is often defined in the qualities a person possess that, when developed, will reveal their underlying strengths and abilities, so, here are 3 reasons for employers to consider hiring the high potential candidate over the more experienced candidate:

Core Skills
While someone with experience can “wow” a future employer with their years worked, this does not always mean they have the most ideal skill sets for the job. Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and attention to detail are attributes that are wanted in many different industries and roles, and they can be learned through various activities, not just at work. It is important to evaluate the overall experience of the candidates, as individuals who truly have talent in these areas can be hard to find. It would also be wise for an employer to probe in to the soft skills in a candidate, like their adaptability and willingness to learn – These transferable qualities are key for someone to succeed at the highest levels, and are especially important in someone new to the work force.

Those candidates entering the workforce or who have had a shorter professional career tend to be ambitious and ready be a key contributor to a company’s vision – With great insight into what is trending with consumers, they are more likely to bring innovated ideas to the table vs. implementing the same strategy year after year. Additionally, these new professionals have less experience in knowing how things can go south, so they are more willing to take risks and introduce new ideas, bringing a lot of potentially unseen and unexpected value to companies.

Tomorrow Leaders
With a natural aptitude for technology, introducing a very “hands on” approach to every industry, and maintaining a constant hunger for learning, these high potential millennials and upcoming new grads are undoubtedly our future leaders in more areas than one. Organizations have a huge opportunity here to recognize this talent and secure them within their teams – Fully integrated internship and leadership programs are great ways to incorporate these individuals early on, building a connection with them, fostering their growth and facilitating the advancement they want in their careers.

While hiring those with high potential may not always work out, it is important to not disregard these candidates because of their age or experience bracket. They are our future whether you consider hiring them early on in their career or down the road when they may cost you more or be entrenched as an asset to your competitors that makes them much tougher to pull away.