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The Question Making Employers Nervous

The unemployment rate in the accounting industry is only around 2%, and about 4% generally -- meaning basically everyone who wants to be employed is employed right now. This is great news if you are a new accounting or specialized graduate; or if you are an experienced and proven professional; companies want you.

If you are a hiring manager this means that finding the right candidate for the job may be tricky – and time consuming. The person you want is likely already employed someplace and not actively job seeking. You may have to offer some exciting incentives, or work with a reputable staffing firm, such as SNI Companies, with access to candidates who are not perusing job sites.

Managers are asking themselves, ‘how do I keep employees in this hot job market?’ and, they are genuinely concerned.

Interestingly, it’s not for the reasons you’d think that people are making job moves. Our teams at SNI Companies aren’t seeing many people job-hop for salary or benefits. If your company is stable and paying your people fairly, salary likely won’t be the reason they look to make a change.

So why are people interested in looking at new roles?

  • Unhappy with their manager. You may not even realize your employees are taking an interest in other job opportunities. Keep lines of communication open and be an active listener.

  • No room for growth. Employees who feel they are stuck in a position with ‘nowhere to go’ may not be actively looking for new employment but they will happily listen when prospects are presented.

  • Staffing firms can offer jobs never seen by the public. Reputable firms like SNI Companies know the ‘secrets’. We have longstanding relationships with our clients and with candidates. Clients want to talk to us because we know people who fit-the-bill perfectly for jobs. Candidates will look at the opportunities we provide because they know we are not wasting their time with just any role.

What can you do to keep employees in this hot job market?

  • Pay your employees fairly for the work they do.

  • Treat them well. Help your employees feel valued.

  • Create a culture of appreciation, open communication, and collaborative work.

Ultimately, some employees will leave for other opportunities or for reasons we can’t control. But if you are in-tune to your team at least it won’t be a total surprise!