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Taking on More Responsibility

Fairly early in my career, I noticed that people who did more work got ahead. Simple, really. And, it’s a proven formula. Those who accept greater responsibility, get higher profile assignments, and are the first to be noticed when higher positions or salary increases become available. However, employees are sometimes unsure how to ask for and get duties and assignments. The following are four ways to successfully take on more to benefit both your company and yourself:

  1. Communicate Your Interest
    Managers do not assume that every employee is willing or interested in giving more. If you want to make great contributions, tell your supervisor or manager. But before you do, ensure that your current workload is running at or ahead of schedule. Meeting your current deadlines is a must before asking to be trusted with even more duties.

  2. Focus on Project Management
    To get additional and even higher visibility projects, you need to do much more than just meet your deadlines. You have to manage your work to ensure that it is on time, on budget, and exceeds expectations. You also should communicate the status of your progress to colleagues and managers who need to know. Excellent project management is an important skill and is essential in demonstrating that you are ready to do more.

  3. Creatively Solve Problems
    From a managers perspective, nothing is worse than giving someone an assignment and then having them ask you every step of the way what to do. People who can overcome roadblocks and find creative ways to apply resources and spark collaboration are organizational assets. If you are able to combine problem solving and resourcefulness you will get bigger responsibilities. The reason: You can remove performance and project barriers to success and get the job done!

  4. Don’t Wait to be Drafted - Volunteer
    Added responsibilities go to those who can take initiative without being asked. People who volunteer and take action when they see a need demonstrate a commitment to their work and possess instincts needed for higher level positions and assignments.

To get more responsibilities you must be able to manage the work you have now, and prove that you have the skills and interest to do more. The result of this extra effort is often greater responsibilities at work which can lead to increases in salary and a higher position.