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Six Signs You Need to Update Your Resume

Whether or not you're looking for a new position, keeping your resume up-to-date is vital. Crafting a resume that is complete and compelling takes time and thought; don’t miss out on a great job opportunity simply because your resume is out-of-date.

As a recruiter I often find people have left their most impressive efforts and accomplishment off their resume because they have not updated it. While this might sound unlikely, it is easier than you think to forget noteworthy accomplishments or important details which reflect your true accomplishments in the haste of performing the duties of your daily job.

I recommend frequently updating your resume; this is the best way to ensure a current record of your benchmarks and accomplishments. Editing your resume keeps a running-tally of the skills, projects, or certifications you obtain while in your current position.

Once you have a core resume completed you may wonder when and what to add next. Here are six events which should remind you to make a resume update:

The best way to ensure that your important achievements make it onto your resume - without either forgetting them or having to update them all at once - is by updating the information regularly. Continually maintaining an accurate and up-to-date resume throughout your career ensures that you will be ready when the next great opportunity presents itself!