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Signs You Should Leave Your Job

“I quit!” Saying this is something that people joke about when they are buying lottery tickets or dreaming of a life without deadlines, clients, and supervisors. But, how do you know when you are not kidding anymore and really need to make a change? Here are three signs that you are not just making jokes, but are really in a situation that may call for looking at other options.

1. You Are on the Road to Nowhere

Most people accept a job with the anticipation of some future change and growth. Whether this involves acquiring new skills, learning new roles, or taking on new challenges; your position should evolve over time. This does not always mean a formal promotion, but your job should have potential. Staying put in a job where you stand no chance of being rewarded with greater responsibility can lead to boredom and even underperformance. If you have accomplished all you can in your current position, and there are no other opportunities for advancement or growth, it might be time to start looking.

2. Your Job is Making You Sick

A little bit of stress at work is normal. But ongoing high-level workplace stress is not. Sometimes you can stay in a stressful position for so long that it actually begins to affect your health. Headaches, backaches, insomnia, and even hair loss have been reported by employees that are in a highly stressful job or environment for long periods of time. While some of these complaints may seem minor, they can lead to even more serious health issues. If you see yourself on this path, or have been experiencing negative health symptoms for more than six months, it might be time to consider moving on. In the end, a job is not worth your health - no matter how great the pay or opportunities.

3. You are Truly Unhappy

Almost everyone has been in this position at one time or another: You dread going to work. This can lead to sleeping in, running late, and being in a bad mood the minute you hit the door. While at work you might be unproductive and inattentive in meetings. Often you’ll seek out others in your office who are dissatisfied too. Commiserating about your dissatisfaction often has you winding up feeling worse! Unhappiness at work and dreading even going to work are signs of underlying problems. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed in your role or your job is no longer challenging, the truth is you are unhappy.

If your job is not personally and professionally fulfilling, and there is no way to achieve that satisfaction where you are currently employed, then maybe it's time to consider looking for a new position. While it may hard to define the cause, being unhappy at work is a real problem and impossible to ignore.

Leaving your current job is serious business. It is important to take your time and ensure you are making a thoughtful decision. While I’d never recommend that someone make an impulsive decision to quit, sometimes there are circumstances that you just can’t ignore and leaving is really what is best for you. Weigh your options and make the choice best for you!