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Seven Ways to Build a Positive Reputation

When you look at your colleagues that enjoy the most success, chances are they have one thing in a common: a positive reputation. Whether you are in your first job or at the high point of your career, your reputation in the workplace can either help or inhibit your success. Professionals who put effort into building a positive workplace reputation often enjoy better assignments and more opportunities for advancement.

The good news is you don’t have to leave your professional reputation to chance. There are seven attributes which help create a positive workplace reputation. Here are seven ways you want your colleagues and supervisors to describe you:

     1.  “You Can Count on Him!”
Getting the work done on time, on budget, and without drama can help you build a positive workplace reputation. Strive to be someone who people can rely on to deliver without a lot of supervision, coaching, or complaining.

     2.  “She Can Take It!”
Often, highly visible projects come with stress, pressure, and challenges. Learn to be a resource that can deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations - with professionalism and calm.

     3.  “He Is Trustworthy!”
Key assignments often involve access to information that might not be common knowledge among the staff. Show your employer that you can be trusted to maintain confidences in all workplace matters.

     4.   “She Delivers Quality!”
There are people in your office who can work fast, but chances are there are fewer that can deliver a high quality outcome. Pay close attention to every detail and ensure that your work aligns with the assignment and exceeds expectations.

     5.   “He is Great to Work With!”
Being easy to work with is a desirable trait that can open countless professional doors for you. Being positive and open minded will help you be approachable and receptive to new ideas, concepts, and solutions. Professionals like to work with - and work harder for - positive people.

     6.   “She Knows Her Stuff!”
Make an effort to keep up-to-speed on best practices and emerging technology as well as industry news. And, be willing to share what you know. Knowledgeable professionals are seen as a valuable asset by employers and employees.

     7.   “He’s Innovative!”
While innovation has become a bit of a buzz word, the truth is employers want employees to help them do things smarter, better, and faster. Work hard to bring new ideas and solutions into processes and projects in a way that is collaborative.

Ambitious professionals know that just doing their job is not enough. You need to do more to get ahead. Taking the time to build and maintain a positive workplace reputation is a great way to ensure that when opportunities arise, your reputation enhances your talent and skills.