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Sending Professional Emails

OMG! i'll get that file to u b4 tonite! Email is probably the most popular organizational communication; so it's critical that your emails convey credibility, intelligence, and professionalism. Plus, you never know where they’ll end up!

Email is a super convenient way to send an important message, or a quick blast to many people at once, but please don’t misconstrue convenient and quick for sloppy and unprofessional. No matter how short and simple the message, create work emails which are properly worded and complete. We may live in a 140-character world today, but don’t let that creep into you work emails.

“K” is not an acceptable response! Of course, no one wants to sift through a long flowery email message to get to the meat of the communication. Being brief and courteous is the goal. Always use complete sentences. Start your message with a greeting, continue with at least a one sentence email body, and finish with a polite closing line with a signature block. None of these need to extensive, but should be mannerly and complete.

Here are a few reminders:

  • Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Do not use sloppy shortcuts!
  • No need for all shouty CAPITAL letters, nor should you be lazy with all lower-case.
  • Keep it concise and to-the-point.
  • Be selective before you "Reply All".
  • Remember that email isn't private. Assume any email you send could be forwarded!
  • Always include your signature block with contact information.
  • Create a brief subject line that conveys your topic.
  • Never use your work email to send confidential or sensitive personal information. Company emails are often monitored by corporate IT departments. Employers track virtually all workplace communication.
  • “Text speak” should not be part of your work communication. SMH!
  • Give your emails a quick once-over before you hit send. Spellcheck won’t catch everything. Give your email a proofreading.

Much business is conducted through email every day. Make sure you are projecting a professional image through yours!