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Remote Interviewing Tips

With many non-essential companies transitioning their employees to working from home, the interviewing process for such companies has also changed. Instead of face-to-face interviews, companies are relying on technology to conduct remote interviews. For today’s blog, we thought we’d revisit the topic of video interviews and how you can best prepare.

Do Your Research
This goes for all interviews, but make sure you are well prepared and have thoroughly researched the company and the role you are applying for. Keep important notes about the company nearby you during the interview that you can quickly reference.

Finalize Details
Make sure you know who will be placing the call, what online video conferencing tool you will be using, and if there will be anyone else joining the interview (so you aren’t caught off guard). Once you know what video platform you’ll be using for the interview, make sure you’re comfortable with the application. If it’s not a tool you’ve used before, do a practice run with a friend or family member the day before the interview to get comfortable with the tool and troubleshoot any issues.

Visually Prepare
Make sure the area at least behind you (that the interviewer will see) is clean and well lit and have your notes and pen and paper nearby. Dress as you would for an in-person interview and wear a contrasting color to the background behind you. Some other dressing tips for the camera are to not wear anything with a busy pattern or super bright colors. One final tip is to make sure to close the door to the room you are conducting the interview in so you can avoid unwanted distractions. If your family is at home, make sure they know not to interrupt you during this time.

Body Language
As with any interview, be aware of your body language and try not to speak too fast or use filler words. With video conferencing there may be a slight pause between what the interviewer is saying and when you hear it, so wait a second before responding to the question to make sure you don’t talk over the interviewer.

Have a Back Up Plan
With technology, there is always the chance that things could go wrong so make sure to have a backup plan in case the video interview suddenly drops. It’s smart to have an alternative phone number and email of the interviewer so you are able to contact them right away if the video stops.

We hope these tips are helpful for your next video interview. By practicing ahead of time and working out any technical kinks you can go into your next video interview confident and prepared.