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Reentering the Workplace

Many people temporarily leave the corporate workplace at one point or another in their life. Whether it’s to raise children, take care of an ailing or elderly family member, or another reason, it’s a personal decision for individuals to make. Deciding when to re-enter the workplace is another personal decision and for many can be daunting, especially after a lengthy absence. To make this process a little less intimidating, we have put together some tips and suggestions for those wanting to re-enter the workforce after a lengthy break.

Brush up on your skills
Read and subscribe to business journals related to your work field. This is a great way to brush up on the latest research and discoveries so you can impress potential employers with your knowledge. Likewise, attending networking groups or leadership conferences is a great way to catch up on the latest in your field and build your professional network.

Don’t shy away from your employment gap
On your resume and LinkedIn page, don’t try and hide your employment gap. Instead think about what skills you gained during your absence from the corporate world. While they might not be technical skills, think about the interpersonal skills you gained and how you are now a better leader, communicator, and collaborator than you were before you left the workforce. Convey these new skills as action verbs on your resume as well as describing what you did professionally before taking a break from the workforce.

Focus on the future
Instead of just focusing on why you took time off, focus on the future and convey with hiring managers that you are ready to get back into the workplace and are motivated, determined, and excited for this next chapter.

Put yourself out there
As mentioned above, joining a networking group is a great way to dip your toes back into the corporate world. Additionally, create or refresh your LinkedIn page and connect with past coworkers and bosses, as well people you are now close to (even if they aren’t currently in the workforce). The more people you know and are connected to the better. Once your LinkedIn page is up-to-date, write a post saying you are looking for a new role and see if anyone has any openings or recommendations for you.

Work with a Staffing Agency (such as SNI Companies)
If you need assistance in finding a job, work with a recruiter on finding a role at a company that is a good fit for your new life. A recruiter can help you update your resume, recommend networking groups or certifications, offer additional interview tips, and will know of companies hiring that would be a good cultural fit for you. Other things to consider when easing back into the workforce is either with a part-time role or a temp-to-hire position where you will have the chance to prove yourself at a company you would like to work for long term.

Rejoining the workplace doesn’t need to be something to fear. With a brush up on skills, and the helping hand of a recruiter, you can move forward confident and ready to start the next chapter of your career.