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Recruiter Insights and the Accounting Market

A few times a year I like to sit down with the recruiting team at SNI Financial and talk about the state of the market. What’s great about these updates is that because our recruiters talk to hundreds of business leaders every month, they gain insights into the accounting and finance hiring you don’t read about in the news.

Here are a few of their thoughts:

Public vs. Private Demand: “The demand is high and has held steady for more than a year for candidates with public accounting experience.” “We are seeing a number of candidates that lack the tax experience both public accounting firms and large corporations are seeking.” “The demand is really for candidates who have income tax compliance and provision experience.”

The Takeaway: “Candidates should focus on getting and highlighting their tax and public accounting experience.”

CPA or No CPA: “In the realm of tax, the CPA license is very important. The majority of our clients require or have a strong preference for candidates who are licensed CPAs.” “When placing higher level positions a CPA is strongly preferred.”

The Takeaway: “Obtaining your CPA is worth the investment.”

Process Time: “The process to fill an accounting or finance position varies with each organization.” “Organizations that invest heavily in their culture and brand involve more people in the interview and approval process.” “Also, candidate who are interviewing for senior level positions should expect a longer process.” “The average time span we are seeing in accounting and finance is 2-3 months from the first point of contact until an offer is made.

The Takeaway: “Be patient. Filling a position involves many people and takes time.”

Recruiter Relationship:Candidates who work with a recruiter get the most when they are candid and truthful.” “Do not provide inaccurate information on your resume.” “Share your past success and situations where you did not perform at your peak. This will help you find the right position.” “Candidates should also be responsive. It is a competitive market so waiting too long to return a call to your recruiter could cost you your dream job.”

The Takeaway: “Honesty and responsiveness help a recruiter help you find your ideal position.”

The job market for finance and accounting professionals continues to be strong. Candidates searching for a position will enjoy the most success when they align their skills with those in high demand, and when they develop a relationship with a skilled recruiter.