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Most In-Demand Hard and Soft Skills

Before we delve into what the most in-demand hard and soft skills are in 2019, let’s first take a look at the definition of these two skill types. Hard skills are essentially teachable skills and something that is easy to quantify. In contrast, soft skills are people skills and focus on traits and behaviors. Hard skills are things you may learn in school or get a certificate for, while soft skills are harder to assess. That said, don’t overlook soft skills. According to LinkedIn, 57 percent of leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills. That’s because an employer can teach hard skills much easier than they can teach soft skills. LinkedIn put together a list of the top soft and hard skills employers need most. Below are there findings:

Most in-demand soft skills:

  • Creativity

  • Persuasion

  • Collaboration

  • Adaptability

  • Time Management

Most in-demand hard skills:

  • Cloud Computing

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Analytical Reasoning

  • People Management

  • UX Design

  • Mobile Application Development

  • Video Production

  • Sales Leadership

  • Translation

  • Audio Production

It’s not surprising that IT roles top the list for most in-demand hard skills however management and leadership roles are also top skills. While the top hard skills will not pertain to every profession, the top soft skills are things everyone can focus on strengthening and improving upon. If you are looking to take online courses, LinkedIn has a Learning Center and there are websites like Udemy that offer soft skills courses.