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Making a To-Be List

In hopes to remain organized, we often turn to the infamous “to-do” lists, putting as many thoughts as possible in bullet form and getting that instantaneous satisfaction when items are crossed off. However, we commonly get caught up in these activities and measure the success of our day by how many check marks were present vs. how we felt throughout the past 24 hours. While it is important to be intentional with our future endeavors, this should also apply to who we want to become. Instead of “to-do” lists running your days, weeks and months, switch gears and create your “to-be” list – Outlining who you want to be in order to accomplish all you want to do.

Creating Your To-Be List
Identifying new qualities and / or those that are currently in progress is step one in creating your list. Because who you want to be is ever evolving, deadlines are not given for these points, but rather worked on daily to intentionally develop yourself. Reflect on these desired characteristics and commit to living them out, ultimately transforming destructive states into constructive ones.

Living Your To-Be List
Pinpoint who you want to be then define ways to tackle it! By bringing awareness to whom you are and how you want to grow, you can eventually shave off the weight that is holding you back. Because humans have the tendency to insert negative feelings, such as impatience, while waiting around for an end result, it is important to replace these with positive reinforcements to keep you on track – Choosing to live this list each day will strengthen your core talents, making your purpose shine much brighter than the unchecked tasks on your to-do list.

Working towards something will always leave you feeling accomplished, allowing you to further set goals without the fear of disappointment. Checking in with a confidant regularly will help you stay on track, while keeping you honest and confident in your process to an improved state of being – A life of new perceptions and restored realities!

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