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Is it Time to Make a Career Move?

It’s actually a luxury to be in the position of choosing IF you should make a career move. This means you already have a job, and you have an opportunity being presented to you as well.

Making a job-hop is not a decision to be taken lightly, and certainly not something you want to do on a whim, or when you’re having a particularly bad day at your current job. Plus, making a move should never be just about the salary. There are several points deserving careful consideration before you make a career move to a new company or new position.

  1. Analyze the new job requirements against your current position.

    • Does the new job fill an objective?
    • Is your skill-set a good match?
    • Can you be successful in this new role?
    • Chart your achievements thus far in your current job and consider potential for growth.
    • Salary and benefits?
  2. Think about corporate culture.

    • Does your current company have an environment and corporate culture you enjoy?
    • Take a look at the culture of the new opportunity and the happiness of their employees.
    • Would you fit the corporate culture of the new company and is it a culture in which you believe?
    • What kind of support system is in place at the new company? Are there available resources to help you should you have questions or problems once in the position?
  3. What’s going on with the new role?

    • Why did the person who held this position leave?
    • What made that person successful, or not?
    • What specific skills and traits did the person who held this job possess?
    • What is the career path and potential for growth?
  4. Little things that add up.

    • How does the location of the new job compare to your current job? Shorter commute?
    • What about the office’s physical environment? Maybe it’s a beautiful building with great amenities for its employees, or will your new work-space see you crammed in a corner?
    • Is parking a block away, an attached ramp, or you’ll need a shuttle bus?
    • Will your work hours increase or decrease? Will your work-life balance benefit or suffer?
    • What is the dress code?

Weigh the pros and the cons for your current position and this new opportunity. Take some time to truly reflect on what you would gain or lose by making this career move.

Sometimes the obvious choice isn’t so obvious. You may find you’re happier than you thought in your current job. You may find that this new role is a dream opportunity. You may realize that it is time to make a move, but this isn’t the right opportunity for you, and that it’s time to start circulating your resume. Careful consideration will tell you if the time is right to make a career move.