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Intranet Essentials

An intranet is a private network that is only accessible to an organization’s staff. The main purpose of a corporate intranet is to share company information and resources among employees. While there are dozens of features you can include on your intranet, the following are four features you just can’t do without:

Employee Directory: Include an employee directory with name, title, department or business unit, physical location, email address, and phone extension. It is also nice to find a way to showcase each employee’s expertise so that other employees can locate the company “expert” on specific topics. In addition, a feature that enables employees to tell if someone is in or out of the office is also of great value.

Content Repository: In most organizations, employees need access to documents and information to be able to perform work. Things like sales reports, marketing research, and even the annual reports don’t really deliver ROI if employees can’t access them. Having key information available on the intranet - that is tagged and easy to find via a powerful search tool - is essential.

Actionable Forms: While it is a digital world, much of business still revolves around forms. Whether it’s a form to take a vacation, request equipment, or complete an expense report - employees need easy access to the forms they need to get their jobs done. Making these available on the intranet gives employees a central location to quickly find what they need. And, it eliminates the need for a staff member to provide them.

Knowledge Base: One universal challenge among organizations large and small is knowledge sharing. Every intranet should include a knowledge base where employees share information and provide comments and even feedback to colleagues related to content or processes. A knowledge base is an asset that grows over time and remains with the organization even when an employee leaves.

Improved processes and streamlined communications are only two of the many benefits of launching and supporting a corporate or organizational intranet.