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Improve Your Workplace Attitude

Your alarm goes off and you are already filled with dread. Not because you are tired, but because you have a negative attitude about your job. A negative attitude at work can affect your health – and of course, your career. Luckily, there are some small steps you can take to improve your attitude at work:

  1. Have a Positive Reaction. Usually our first response to things going wrong is a negative one. Take a step back and force yourself to look for a positive. For example, if someone has missed an internal deadline, it just might give you more time to enhance your work on the project. I’m not suggesting that you ignore reality; rather that you try to find the good in your circumstances. By looking for the good in a situation you do not invest time in anger and disappointment. There is usually a silver lining!
  2. Think of Colleagues as Allies. When things go wrong at work people tend to seek others on which to place the blame: usually your co-workers or boss. Instead of thinking about work colleagues as “us vs. them”, try to think of co-workers as allies. The issues, problems, and work-related complications are the “adversary” you all are working against, not each other. Also, remember that the things at work which frustrate you are most likely frustrating them as well. Remind yourself that you are all on the same team. In reality, very few people are difficult on purpose. I’ve seen many workplace conflicts resolved simply by co-workers treating each other as teammates and not as opponents. When you are not constantly engaged in battles your attitude can only improve.
  3. When All Else Fails: Fake It! There is a reason that “fakes it till you make it” has been around so long; it works! While driving to work, envision positive things that might happen. Don’t fill your mind with negative thoughts. Make it a habit to smile and greet people when you arrive. If you feel your attitude slipping during the day, get up and interact with someone who is usually positive. The less you socialize with negative people the more positive your attitude will become.

No workplace is perfect. Neither is any employee. But you do have the power to make yourself happier and more successful at work by focusing on the bright-side and having a positive attitude.