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How to Stay Productive When Working Remotely

If you, like many across the country right now, are being asked or encouraged to work from home due to COVID-19 but are having a hard time getting in the grove of working remotely we have some tips for you.

Keep your regular morning routine
Before you begin your workday, try and keep a routine of the morning things you would normally do before heading to the office; perhaps that’s washing your hair, getting an early workout in (which may need to be at home now), or taking your dog for a walk in the neighborhood. By doing these events before you log on to work you’ll feel more ready to begin your workday. For some, getting dressed in the morning like you are headed to the office can help put you in the right mindset as well.

Have a designated workspace
It helps to have an area of your home dedicated to work. If you’re working off of a laptop, it can be tempting to work from bed or the couch but if you have a desk and can truly set up a workstation you’ll find it much easier to focus. It will also help you establish clearer boundaries between your work life and your home life.

Stay in touch
With the adjustment to working from home, especially if you are social distancing as most are, it can feel very isolating. Stay in touch with your coworkers throughout the day through email, calls, and video conferencing. We are in uncharted territory right now so it’s important to not only check in on them with work, but how they are coping with all that is going on.

Create a daily to do list
When adjusting to working from home it can be easy to get distracted, especially with all of the current news events unfolding, so creating a checklist in the morning of what you need to accomplish can help you stay on track.

Have clearly defined hours and a transition plan
It’s important to keep the same work hours you would normally and treat yourself like an employee. You need to hold yourself accountable to work your normal hours and at the same time be able to let work go when it’s the end of your work day. One way to help yourself maintain this mindset is to have a transition in the morning and at the end of your workday. In the morning perhaps it’s having a cup of coffee as you log on and creating your to-do list for the day; in the evening maybe it’s stepping away from work, logging off and taking your dog for a walk which can help you decompress and let the day go.

It’s a challenging time for many with a lot of uncertainty of what lies ahead. It’s important to remain committed to your work and you may find having that constant in your life might also provide a welcome distraction and some normalcy.