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How to Make a Snow Day Productive

2019 has just begun, and record low temperatures accompanied by weather storms have already made their way around the country. For locals of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, you are likely working to perfect your snow day regime to maximize productivity and minimize stress for the winter days ahead - When the weather outside is frightful, here are three strategies to making your time at home delightful!

Preparation is Key
When a snowstorm is on the horizon, be sure to bring home essential items from the office you will need in order to be successful, such as your laptop, charger and important documents. There is nothing more defeating than waking up to realize you left all of your necessities on your desk - Not to mention, your boss may not be too impressed by this reality.

Additionally, remember to communicate your circumstances to your team. If you are unable to drive in the conditions or your power has gone out due to the storm, let your colleagues know, so they are able to plan and prioritize accordingly.

Early Bird Gets the Worm
It is so easy to press the snooze button significantly more times when working from home versus getting ready for the office. When a snow day hits, try to keep the normalcy in your schedule to properly structure your day. Getting out of bed and sticking to your regular routine will set a positive tone for your morning - And, the good news? You can sip your early cup of joe on the couch instead of performing your daily balancing act in the car!

Postpone Team Meetings
While it is important to adhere to scheduled meetings, it may be beneficial to reschedule these in person powwows to a time when everyone is back in the office. Not only does this give you time back in your day, it also minimizes distractions and guarantees more engagement from your colleagues.