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Hire a Veteran

Despite improvements in the unemployment picture overall, veterans still experience a higher jobless rate than non-veterans - after adjusting for age and demographic factors. According to the Council of Economic Advisers, the unemployment rate for veterans having served since 9/11 stands at around 8 percent, while the the overall unemployment rate has fallen to 6.4 percent.

As a recruiter I am faced with a paradox: how are our soldiers -who’ve made extraordinary sacrifices and have some of the most sophisticated training and leadership experience available - not findings jobs when I hear every day from employers that they cannot find skilled employees?

To me, the solution is for employers to be much more receptive to interviewing and hiring veterans. Unlike other categories of workers, veterans bring a host of in-demand skills to their jobs.

  1. Efficiency. Service members were trained to accomplish multiple tasks in minimal time. They adapt to faster paced environments better than most civilians, have strong time-management skills, complete tasks, and can make decisions in high-pressure environments.

  2. Diversity. Working closely with individuals who have a wide array of cultural backgrounds, religion, and geographic origins allows service men and women to gain strong interpersonal skills, which is a building block of creating corporate relationships.

  3. Accountability. Veterans adhere to company policies and procedures and understand that organizational skills are the key to being successful. Service members are trained to be responsible and accountable for their actions, while respecting the decisions and procedures put in place by their superiors.

  4. Skillsets. The rigorous training programs Service members complete expand their skills and competence levels. The ability to learn new skills and apply them appropriately has been proven to enhance productivity in a workplace.

  5. Technologically Advanced. Our US Military applies the latest technologies and advancements needed to keep our country safe. Service members are introduced to these new technologies and must stay abreast of new advancements in both public and private sector.

Perhaps most importantly, hiring veterans is the right thing to do. The men and women who have chosen to serve our country are patriots who made enormous sacrifices to ensure our safety and freedom. By employing military veterans we are thanking them for their service. I am proud each time I present a veteran as a job candidate. I strongly encourage all of my clients to give veterans priority in the hiring process.