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Four Reasons to Job Hunt During the Holidays

Hard to believe but the holiday season is already here. Most would agree that people searching for their next job typically put the search on pause during the holidays, which might end up costing them the job. The hustle and bustle of the season brings lots of activities and parties, but don’t forget to continue your job search during that time. Here are some reasons to keep in mind when you are considering putting your job search on pause when the holidays arrive.

Networking Opportunities
When thinking of the holidays, one of the first things that comes to mind is all of the parties and gatherings that come along with them. Make the most of those events and create opportunities from them. Put yourself out there by registering for events you may not normally attend, join your friends company parties if appropriate, and visit with family. At those events and gatherings, make it known that you are actively searching for a job and see what conversations could arise from that.

Four Reasons To Job Hunt During The HolidaysYear End Reviews
While the external work might be slowing down, the internal work isn’t. The end of the year also means year end reviews. Employees are getting promoted, getting raises, possibly being let go, or moved to other departments. This presents significant opportunity for those looking for jobs, and for those who remain determined to stay top of mind during the holidays. Once these conversations are being held within companies, staying in front of them is important. Don’t forget that our team at SNI Companies will also stay on top of getting candidates in front of employers during this time too.

Lack of Competition
Because many people do lose focus of their job hunt during the holidays, there is a lack of competition. Be the one who stands out and stay determined. Many people think that employers also halt the hiring process during the holidays, but that is simply not true.

Productivity at the office may dwindle, but it never means that a business is “shut down” during the holiday season. Make the most of this time, and identify areas to incorporate yourself and make yourself stand out. It’s especially significant when during what may be considered to be a slow time, is particularly hectic for some employers, therefore you can identify a need and fill that need quickly.

There are many other reasons to continue pushing through and searching for jobs during the holiday season. Make the most of the time off if you are already employed, and focus that time on searching for jobs. We’ll do the same for you here at SNI Companies.