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Finance Employment Outlook

As accounting professionals embark on a new year, they have a lot to celebrate. The unemployment rate for Accountants stands at around 2.5 percent and Accountants rank #6 in Best Business Jobs according to Money Magazine.

In fact, several types of finance positions, including accounting and auditing, are expected to outpace overall occupations in job growth and pay by 2024. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); Financial Analysts, Financial Examiners, Accountants and Auditors, and Financial Planners show the strongest growth.

A few key facts to consider:

Financial Examiners

Financial Examiners will grow an expected 10 percent by 2024, adding 3,700 jobs to the 38,200 of 2015. Median pay in 2016 was $78,010.

Accountants and Auditors

There were 1.33 million accountants and auditors in 2015. Their ranks are expected to grow 11 percent by 2024, to 1.47 million. The median pay in 2016 was $67,190.

Financial Analysts

The 277,600 Financial Analysts in 2015 are expected to see 32,300 additional colleagues, or 12 percent growth by 2024. Median pay in 2016 was $80,310.

Financial Planners/Personal Financial Advisors

Financial Planners and Personal Financial Advisors are expected to grow an amazing 30 percent by 2024. Median pay in 2016 was $89,160.

An increase in the number of businesses, changing financial laws, corporate governance regulations, and increased accountability for protecting an organization’s stakeholders will continue to drive the demand for finance professionals. This will surely make 2017 a Happy New Year for experienced finance professionals as well as new graduates looking for their first opportunities in the industry.