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Do Employers Know How to Give Constructive Feedback?

Much is made of how employees are interested in so much more than just money; that people want to work for companies with policies and cultures aligning to their beliefs. Additionally, one of the top desires for most any employee is to feel valued and that they are important to the company.

How can employers make an employee feel valued? It may be as “easy” as giving feedback.

Employees don’t want to wait for their yearly review to hear how things are going. Make it a priority to give regular feedback and set up consistent meetings with your employees to discuss performance – this lets them know they are an important part of the team, and worth your time. And, this will make for fewer surprises at annual reviews or give an under- performing employee chances to right their path.

The only way for employees to feel they have clear goals and are working towards them is for their manager to have a clear vision. Be a role model, do good work, and openly express your plans and vision for the team.

No need to sit on information or concerns. Give your employees feedback in real time, during one-on-one conversations.

Don’t sandwich criticism. I’m sure you’ve heard that it softens the blow to say a couple positive things and tuck your criticism in the middle. Resist doing this. Be honest and up-front. Criticism shouldn’t be rude or delivered harshly – so no need to sugarcoat it. Talk to your employee in a kind but firm manner, and keep the message clear. If actions or work must change, say so. Explain how and what steps must be taken to improve work performance.

Always be open to talking to your team. Be sure if they fully understand what you are asking of them. Employees do want a manager. Employees do want clear goals.

Walk the walk, talk the talk, and lead as a team player.