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Dealing with Frustration

Sometimes things at work are just frustrating. Whether its colleagues who are under performing, systems issues, or a project that just can’t get completed. The bad news about job frustration? It’s all part of having a job. And, for folks in the IT world, problems and solving them are at the heart of what we do! The good news? With a few techniques and practices, you can manage your workplace frustrations and get back to enjoying your job.

Here is a look at a few steps you can take to minimize frustration and stress, and maximize the joy and satisfaction you get from working:

Source It

Frustration comes in many shapes and sizes but, you can’t work to eliminate it until you identify the source. Reflect on a time when you were happier at work; then ask yourself, ‘What is different now?’ Are you working with different people? Have your duties changed? Are you serving in a new and unfamiliar role? By taking a look at the source of your frustration, you begin to take control of your reaction. This will help you feel more in command of your work life.

Neutralize It

Once you have discovered the source of your frustration, take steps to contain and neutralize it. Really examine why the source is causing you frustration. Are you reacting emotionally, or is a process or system broken? Also, look at how much of your frustration is within your control. By isolating circumstances causing your frustration, and what you can and cannot do about it, you begin to feel in control of the situation and ready to work toward a solution.

Solve It

Now that you know what is causing your frustration, and you have figured out how much is within your control, the next step is taking action. If the cause of your frustration is severe system issues, employee harassment, or some other serious (but addressable) function of business – talk to your supervisor at once to take steps to rectify those problems.

Often, action may simply be acknowledging a situation is beyond your control, modifying what you can, and accepting it. Honestly, relaxation techniques and finding ways to avoid or ignore it may be all you can do. Action can also mean removing emotion from the equation and resolving the business issue. Your actions do not have to make things at work perfect, but should make things better and less frustrating.

Research shows that workplace frustrations have a negative impact on productivity, morale, and contribute to employee turnover. Before you do something drastic -or continue to feel frustrated and agitated - take a few minutes to source, neutralize, and solve it.