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Controlling Your Image On Social Media

Yes, your potential hiring manager will do a search of your name on social media. No, that crazy party you attended last weekend will not look appealing to your potential hiring manager.

Take a close look at your social media presence, and especially if you are job hunting - make sure you are projecting a professional image. Unflattering and potentially career-damaging information is only a click away from would-be employers.

LinkedIn is probably the most widely used professional networking platform today. Maintaining your profile is an important part of job hunting and connecting with other professionals. As such, it is meant for professional business updates and news.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, keep your shared updates relevant to your industry, and keep your photo professional looking. We know you love your family and friends, but keep this photo of you only, a headshot, and straight-forward; not at the night-club, not at the beach, not in your bathroom mirror. Tempted to skip adding your photo? Most will skip reviewing your profile. Thousands of businesses, corporate recruiters, and hiring managers are looking at LinkedIn profiles every day. This is your way to market yourself. Make a good first impression.

Now, take a look at your LinkedIn profile. Augment your work experience with achieved results. Most hiring managers know the job description and duties of roles in their industry, be sure you highlight your accomplishments and successes. Include recommendations and references you have received, along with promotions which show any progression within a company. Take care to create an accomplishment based resume which is a truthful and accurate version of you.

Once you have a professional and complete LinkedIn profile take the time to Google yourself; your potential hiring manager will be doing so as well. Take note of what you see and clean up anything unflattering, untrue, or “that you wouldn’t want your grandma to see”. Check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc… Each online format will have a process for cleaning up content.

Think about owning your own domain for email, and choose a name that you are comfortable using to market yourself.

As you move forward with your job search, stay active on business networking sites, keep your profile up-to-date, and remember not to post anything you wouldn’t want to be public knowledge!