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Best Practices for Contract Employees

At SNI Companies we specialize in filling project and contract roles for our clients. Our contractors are subject-matter experts, filling a void for the client. It’s a contractor’s job to not only “do the work”, but be professional on the job. A contractor/consultant is not only a representative of us here at SNI, but also of the company where they are on assignment.

While these tips are crucial for those contracting on a temporary job, they are just as worthy for those in a permanent job.

  • Be Happy! Do good work! You are representing yourself, and also your company. Take pride in your work and do it to the very best of your ability…with a smile.
  • Dress professionally. Error on the side of more professional dress than on the more casual side.
  • Always be mindful of using clients' computers for on-the-job assignments only. It may be tempting to check your personal email or a quick social media update while you are on your lunch break or before you head out the door in the evening, but please resist that temptation. For your own personal privacy, remember that most company computers are monitored by IT departments. And very importantly, even if you are on your own time, it looks unprofessional and unproductive to the client.
  • Be discrete with your cell phone. If it is impossible to put your cell phone away for the day, be sure your phone is on silent or vibrate. Keep your cell phone use to the absolute minimum. Always follow any rules the company has for personal phone use.
  • Keep it professional on LinkedIn. Have a photo with your bio, and be sure it looks professional. We know you love your family, but keep this photo of you only, a headshot, and straight-forward; not at the night-club, not at the beach, not in your bathroom mirror.
  • Communicate. If you have questions about the assignment please talk to your placement recruiter or your job supervisor. Gets questions cleared up quickly. Everyone wants you to be successful.
  • Keep your resume up-to-date. Especially if you are a career-contractor, be sure to record every assignment and details of your experience. While you will edit this information and certainly not include every detail on a resume for the next assignment, you’ll want a personal record of your computer program experience, project successes, and benchmarks you have reached. You also want this detailed, complete resume for your recruiter. Recruiters want to see all of your experience. Recruiters know what skills clients need for open jobs, don’t edit the details for us –recruiters need your complete work history and specific experience and expertise. You never know what role we will be have available – specific details in your resume could prompt us to place you in that next amazing role!