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Asking For A Raise

Few things are as nerve wracking to an employee as asking for a raise. But, you can discuss compensation in a way that allows for the greatest benefit to you.

While not easy, it is very important to master the art of salary negotiations. Here are three steps to help guide you through the process:

Gather Information

Before even requesting a meeting, prepare for it properly. Make sure you understand your organization’s protocol for salary raises. It is important to have a clear agenda, documentation, and points you wish to discuss. Compile measurable outcomes and accomplishments as an employee which you believe merit a raise. Do not compare your performance or rate of pay to others within your organization. Showcase your personal achievement.

Request a Meeting

Requests for pay raises are not something supervisors take lightly. Do not try to slip it in at the end of an already scheduled meeting or discussion. Instead, ask for a special meeting with your supervisor where you will only discuss salary compensation. In this meeting, be direct and polite. Remember that you are selling your high performance, not begging for more money.

Keep an Open Mind

Granting additional compensation may not always translate directly into additional dollars. If your supervisor agrees you deserve a raise, but the organization does not have the resources, have a list of other items you will consider. It is important to keep an open mind - there are many benefits such as additional paid vacation days, tuition reimbursement, or paid training which would be of value. If you do accept a benefit in lieu of actual cash, be certain to pick a specific future date on which you and your supervisor will re-visit the possibility of a monetary raise. Receiving additional benefits or a monetary raise is affirmation of your high achievement.

Good employees deserve to be paid based on their value. If you are interested in checking comparable salaries in the accounting, finance, IT, and office support fields visit our SNI Companies website at and click on our Salary Guide icon to request our current SNI Companies Salary Guide. Or request your copy here. It’s always advisable to be armed with the knowledge of market-rate salaries in your industry and area.