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Keep It Professional on LinkedIn

I’m a recruiter and an experienced executive in the staffing industry. I see a LOT of candidates, I interview a LOT of potential employees, and I work with a LOT of clients to help them hire the perfect person for roles in their companies. Take it from me: Keep it professional on LinkedIn.

Thousands of businesses, corporate recruiters, and hiring managers are viewing profiles every day on LinkedIn. Believe me when I tell you that your LinkedIn photo really is a first impression professionally, and a lasting impression.

Have a photo with your bio, and be sure it looks professional. We know you love your family, but keep this photo of you only, a headshot, and straight-forward; not at the night-club, not at the beach, not in your bathroom mirror.

No photo? Most will ignore your profile too. Even if you’re not on the job hunt right now, your LinkedIn profile pops up often to those in your industry. Your photo, name, and professional tagline are of utmost importance.

LinkedIn is a way to connect with professionals in your industry. You don’t feel connected to someone you can’t see. According to an event survey conducted by Tiffany Adams, president of the Cincinnati Etiquette and Leadership Institute, those who don’t upload a photo are often believed to be older and not tech savvy, indifferent or lazy users, and unaware of the importance of a complete profile. In other words, not someone you would want to hire.

It is noted that profiles with a photo receive 14 times as many views as profiles without photos. Here are some tips for your LinkedIn photo.

  • As I mentioned before, but it’s worth repeating; no selfies in the mirror.
  • Dress professionally. Save your wedding photo for Facebook, Instagram, the family album, etc…
  • We know you’re a fun person, but no party pictures here. Be the only one in the photo, with a serene background.
  • Your picture should be a forward-facing headshot. No silly head tilts, making funny faces, or action shots. Keep it appropriate for your industry.
  • Smile a natural smile. You want to look approachable and friendly.
  • Nothing blurry – we want to see your smiling face in-focus.
  • Consider using a professional photographer if it’s in your budget.

You have a lot to offer. A professional-looking photo, complete bio, and comprehensive resume will get you noticed on LinkedIn and may lead to your next great job opportunity!

Keep It Professional on LinkedIn

Make Employee Recognition your New Year’s Resolution

Employee recognition programs improve morale, reduce turn-over, and lower absenteeism. Your program doesn’t need to be complicated, but take the time implement a thoughtful recognition program; it’s meaningful to your employees.

Make Employee Recognition your New Year’s Resolution

The Strategic Role of Internal Audit

Recently, Ernst & Young commissioned Forbes Insights to conduct a global survey about the evolving role of Internal Audit.  In the survey, 96% of respondents indicate that their Internal Audit function plays an important role in their overall risk management efforts.  But, does the value stop there?

The Forbes Insight survey concludes that by looking beyond processes and controls, Internal Audit can play an essential advisory role within the organization.  Internal Audit helps leaders identify enterprise-wide cost efficiencies, provide strategic insights that improve business performance, and provide key insights that focus on the risks that matter.  Here are some key points needed for Internal Audit to realize this transformation:


  •  Align itself with the organization’s key business objectives

  •  Improve audit efficiency and effectiveness, and streamline processes to drive cost savings

  •  Offer broader risk coverage and be proactive about current and emerging risks

  •  Enable cost efficiencies across all business units

  •  Identify and employ the right internal and external skills

  • Create competitive advantage by contributing to sustainable business improvements


PwC’s 2015 State of the Internal Audit Profession uncovered four significant factor that enable internal audit to contribute to organizational strategies:


While it may not yet be universally recognized, Internal Audit has the skills and opportunity to drive value in all aspects of an organization.






The Strategic Role of Internal Audit