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Candidate Questions for Employers

It is always important for new graduates, and working professionals looking to make a job change, be prepared and understand questions they as accounting professionals and candidates should expect during an interview. However, is it also equally important to develop a few questions of your own.

By developing a list of questions to ask potential employers, finance professionals demonstrate their knowledge and curiosity - and it ensures they are getting the information they need to make a good decision should a position be offered.

When working with accounting candidates, I always encourage them to ask questions in a variety of categories. If you limit your questions to just those about the finance team you might learn a good deal about the job, but nothing about the company.

The following are a few questions I encourage all finance professionals ask during the interview process:

Culture Club

  • What policies or activities best illustrate your company culture?
  • What is more valued in the organization: output or innovation?
  • What do employees value most about working for your organization?

Future Focus

  • What is the short and long term vision for the organization?
  • What is the organization's biggest challenge currently?
  • What is the organization's competitive advantage in the marketplace?

Success Stories

  • What are the most important skills and attributes needed to be successful?
  • What are common characteristics of successful employees?
  • Describe someone previously in this position who made a difference?

Looking for a new position is difficult, but it is important to remember that you are shopping for a new organization as much as you are selling your skills. Good luck!


Candidate Questions for Employers