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5 Ways to Relax Without Leaving Your Office Chair

Do you ever finding yourself needing a mental break while at the office, but opting for a walk outside just isn’t feasible at the time? De-stress and clear your mind with these simple ways you can clear your mind, and relax a bit without even getting up from your desk.

Close Your Eyes and Take Deep Breaths
Practicing breathing techniques will do wonders for stress, but also wonders to help you relax. Closing your eyes and taking deep breaths will certainly help to ease your mind if you’re stressed about meeting a deadline, developing a report, or preparing for an upcoming meeting. Take a minute or two to clear your mind through this exercise.

While some folks might perceive this as a waste of time, it’s actually quite relaxing for those needing a few minutes to de-stress. Look outside your window for a few minutes, consider weekend plans or travel plans, and daydream about all the wonderful things you’ve been able to accomplish. By letting your mind wander, you’ll find yourself relaxed – but don’t daydream too long or else you’ll have trouble getting re-focused. Take a few minutes and let this relax your mind.

Doodling is a great way to relax your mind, but also explore your creative side. Let your mind at ease by taking the old fashioned pen to paper and seeing what comes from it. You might even find yourself combining a daydream with your doodles! Either way, let yourself have fun with it and clear your mind.

Clean Up
If your desk isn’t tidy, it might be a good time to clean up should you find yourself needing a few minutes to relax. While cleaning isn’t necessarily relaxing for some people, you’ll go back to work feeling refreshed just by a few minutes of cleaning up your area. Even if it’s as simple as wiping down your desk, by making a conscience effort to clean up, you’ll be in a much more organized environment and will feel more relaxed.

Massage Your Ears and Temples
While this might sound strange, it’s not and is actually backed up by several medical studies. It’s a soft practice similar to acupuncture. If you start to feel anxious or stressed, take a few minutes to massage both ear lobes with your fingers in circular motions. You can also move up to the sides of your ears as some of the pressure points will help you to de-stress. It’s also reported that this helps to give you an energy boost, if you’re hitting that 2pm wall.

There are many other ways to de-stress and relax while not even getting out of your office chair, however if you have the option, taking a short walk is always good to help calm nerves or any anxieties.