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5 Social Media Habits That Can Keep You From the Job

Social media – Where we get our personal news, latest trends, and information on various topics. Five years ago, many social outlets were still a work in progress, used mainly by college students, and, today, users range in age and occupation, making more than half of the American population avid social media users. Due to this, many companies have decided to join the movement in two major ways: 1. Creating social accounts for their business, and 2. Using social media as a way to screen potential new talent. Recruiters use this tool to contact potential candidates who they think seem qualified for a position, as well as to scope out current applicants before bringing them in for a formal interview. Because of this, job seekers need to understand how their accounts play a huge role in today’s hiring process, and how to use these profiles in a positive way, hopefully, landing the job – Here are a few tips how:

Display Your Best (Professional) Life
Facebook users are guilty for uploading any and all photos from their latest adventure. While, in many cases, they are just trying to share these experiences with their followers, the photos shared should be carefully picked before posting. While we do not tend to see an issue with these personal pictures, potential employers may see them as unprofessional, lowering your ranking in the candidate pool. And, if a friend tags you in these, simply remove them from your profile, so others won’t have a way to view. In the same vein, this sentiment also applies to cussing on your personal posts – Leave the unflattering photos and lingo at home, and you will be golden.

Update Your Information
If you are a devoted social media user, be sure to keep your personal info and bio relevant. Seeing as LinkedIn is the largest recruiting tool, as well as one of the most widely used social media outlets, update your profile to reflect your recent and best work. An additional tip to help you “wow” potential employers, ask former colleagues or managers to write you a LinkedIn reference – Due to how influential word of mouth is in the social world, this is a surefire way to get you noticed.

Grab a Dictionary
As simple as this sounds, grammatical errors are a quick way for potential employers to click “next” on their candidate list. In the professional world, misspelling words will quickly make you appear unorganized and / or uninterested in the work you are producing – If you aren’t going to use spellcheck on an Instagram post, then what will assure them you won’t do the same in an email or important document. Always double check your posts to seem as buttoned up as possible.

Go Private
The most obvious way to avoid the three points above is to set all of your accounts to private. Adjusting your privacy setting to allowing your friends only to see your posts will eliminate the step of censoring everything that hits your page.

Due to how prevalent social media is in our day-to-day lives, from wishing a follower happy birthday to being an influencer, it is so important to understand how social media can make or break your professional career. By companies adding in this step to the recruiting process, it is easier for them to quickly identify those candidates that hold the same values as their organization. Job seekers, keep these tips in mind and remember to maintain your profile in a way that you are proud of!