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4 Ways to Shut Down the Sunday Scaries

Got a case of the Sunday Scaries? If so, we’ve got your back. Here are some suggestions for banishing the dread and making not only your Sunday better but your week days better too.

Plan Ahead on Friday
Instead of creating your to-do list on Sunday for the week (especially if it’s related to work) write your checklist on Friday instead with the tasks you will need to do on Monday morning. Taking a few minutes Friday afternoon to plan ahead for the following week will allow you to go into the weekend feeling more organized and (hopefully) relaxed.

Make Your Monday Better
Bookmark your Monday with activities you enjoy. Start your morning slower if possible and spend a few minutes enjoying your morning coffee while reading a good book, maybe go to a workout class you enjoy, or create a playlist to listen to on your commute that will pump you up for your workday. Even spending a few minutes doing something that brings you joy will set the tone for the day. Similarly at the end of the day listen to a playlist to wind down from work and help you shift into a mellow state, enjoy a more decadent dinner then you normally would during the weeknight, or save your favorite show for Monday evening. The important thing is to have activities you enjoy peppered throughout the workdays and not just saved for the weekends.

Be in the Moment
Remind yourself that Sunday is still your day off. Enjoy the weekend fully and try your best not to waste time anxiously awaiting Monday morning. Keep bringing yourself back to the present moment and enjoy the time with your friends and family.

Get a New Job
If you’ve tried several measures to make your Mondays more enjoyable and still meet the day with dread it, may be time to think about getting a new job. While all jobs have their pros and cons, it’s important that overall you enjoy your job and your coworkers.

We hope these suggestions work for you so you can take back your Sunday. All it takes is a little planning and presence.