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When utlizing contractors, follow these simple guidelines to enhance the experience for all involved:


  • Do take actions to ensure that contractors have all the information they need to succeed and to make them feel part of the team.
  • Provide training and coaching for maximum job performance.
  • Include contractors in staff meetings or communications that discuss procedure changes that affect the way they do their jobs.
  • Orient them on general company policies and procedures.
  • Extend invitations to group lunches or company outings to help them feel part of the team.
  • Instruct them to contact their Accounting Now representative, after they have notified you, if they call in sick or are unable to make it to work.


As your staffing partner, our goal is to help you avoid co-employment issues by managing the performance, attendance and compensation of all Accounting Now employees. You can help accomplish this by avoiding certain actions. For example, do not:

  • Accept calls when a contractor is unable to come to work, without directing the person to also call their Accounting Now representative.
  • Communicate a change in employment status to “permanent”. Contractors may be hired and become full time employees, but in the eyes of the law no employee is “permanent.”
  • Discuss compensation with a contractor. All conversations regarding salary should be handled via Accounting Now.