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Among stacks of resumes, yours must convince the employer that you have what it takes to be successful in the role. Here are some tips to entice hiring managers and help your resume stand out from the crowd.

Don’t exclude crucial information

Every resume should include the following key components:

  • Contact information: name, address, phone number and email address
  • A brief summary of your qualifications, strengths, and skills
  • Selected accomplishments, the more quantifiable the better
  • Work experience (with titles and dates)
  • Computer and related technical skills
  • College and post-graduate education
  • Professional affiliations

Remember the basics

Although you might use spell check religiously, it doesn’t catch all errors. Mistakes in spelling and grammar are fatal to your job search, so proofread carefully. You may want to ask a friend to proofread as well.

Professionalism counts

Your resume should provide a visually pleasing, polished presentation. It should offer a lot of information, but also:

  • Be quickly scan-able
  • Make good use of white space
  • Limit font to one, easy-to-read professional selection
  • Feature clear and consistent section headings
  • Use bullets to make important items stand out

Be concise, but powerful

Focus on what benefits you bring to the employer. Employers want to know, plain and simple, the answers to two key questions when reviewing your resume:

  • What can you do for me?
  • What have you done before?

Focus on key accomplishments

Your resume's experience section should provide an overview of your career chronology and a few highlights of key accomplishments for your most recent work experience. Use achievements that can be quantified by using numbers, percentages, dollar amounts or other concrete measures of success.

Tailor to your experience level

Although detailed information about internships, courses, academic honors and extracurricular activities can be important for new or recent graduates, professionals with four or more years of experience can omit or greatly condense this information. Your resume should be no more than one page if you have 5 years or less experience, or two pages if you have more.

Know the importance of keywords

In today's world of e-mailed and scan-able resumes, your sentences must contain the right trigger words. Job descriptions are great sources for the keywords your potential employers are looking for. Many of the nouns and adjectives in a job posting or advertisement will be helpful to use somewhere in your resume, plus synonyms. Just be careful not to go overboard.

Download our on-line resume sample. (Word Document)

With resume in hand, you’re one step closer to the interview and also to your new position.